Love Yourself to Wholeness

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Title

As we choose a book, we are first attracted to the title, thinking that the title gives us the knowledge of what the book contains. Simply saying judging a book by it's cover on which actually a saying says not to do so.
The title of this book is quoted by my sister. When I was in the processes of finding myself after having given up my fifteen years of marriage. When I was speaking with her, I wrote this on a piece of paper, posted it on a wall in my bedroom that I get to see everyday.
In my contemplative days, I would ask myself what it is really to love yourself to wholeness. Up until today, I am in the process of finding it out.

This is the Beginning

Finally, I got myself to sit down and start writing. A lot of excuses has been made and said. Yet there is no running away from what I truelly want to do. Just do it - Nike! A famous tag taken from Mother Teresa. Her motto - stop talking and just do it. So here I am, finally doing it. Getting this thoughts down into words, from reality into the dream world. I will not stop until I get to publish it and get my message across among all of you.

About Me

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Michaela de Angeli, a name revealed of St.Michael and St. Angelica, is The founder of Project: Noah's Arc. A charitable relief assistance to typhoon victims in the Philippines. A private effort of the blessed to the needy. We start from ourselves to bring a change as we reflect the good things in our heart, we think about truth and goodness. We look forward to be in contact to those in need and to those who could help. Let us be the bridge to this cause of joint efforts. May God be reminded of his promise to Noah as we may be reminded of our duty to our creator.